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Smart Home Installation with LCS Electrical

Discover the one stop shop for smart home installs

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About LCS Electrical

Our Background

At LCS Electrical, our mission is to simplify the creation of a fully automated, user-friendly smart home for you and your family. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Consultation and Customization:

  • Whether you aim to save money, streamline daily tasks, or simply indulge your fascination with technology, we provide tailored consultations to design a smart home that meets your specific needs.

  • Seamless Installation and Commissioning:

  • Our expert team ensures a smooth installation process, followed by thorough commissioning to integrate all smart components flawlessly into your home environment.

  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance:

  • To prolong the longevity and performance of your system, we offer an upkeep package. This includes timely replacement of components nearing the end of their life cycle and proactive updates to keep your smart home at the forefront of innovation.

  • Continual Improvement: We believe in the evolution of convenience. Engage with us to brainstorm and implement cutting-edge automations that elevate the intelligence of your smart home even further.

Since 2018, our fascination with smart homes has driven us to develop integrated solutions. Starting in 2020, we've crafted bespoke smart home experiences in every aspect, tailored to each client's desire.

Take the next step towards effortless living. Contact LCS Electrical today to transform your home with the power of smart technology.

Smart Home Options

Take a look at some of the Smart Home Options we offer.

Read through the different options or feel free to get in contact to see what we can do for your smart home, whether existing or starting from scratch

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Smart Home Design

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Smart Home Install

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Smart Home Maintenance



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